Why is Your Home Air Conditioner Leaking Water Inside?

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Common Causes of Water Dripping from A/C Vent

Have you ever awaken to water leaking from the AC vent in the ceiling? The most common sign of this problem is water stains or yellowing on your ceiling near the air vents. If this happens to you, maybe it is time to repair your cooling unit. There are four main reasons a central A/C system leaks and how to fix them.

Air Scaping Around the Vent

Inspect the unit and check for any air leaking from around the sides of the air vent. Look for any holes or cracks allowing air leakage from anywhere besides the grates. Use a caulk to seal the leak.

Dirty Air Filter

repair A/C system leaksA filter that is not performing as it should cause your A/C to freeze up. The immediate sign that follows is water droplets generated by the frost that has melted after you turn your unit off. Changing the filter will fix this problem. Also, low levels of refrigerant can cause the same effect. Having the air conditioning device maintained properly will ensure it will never run low on refrigerant.

Blocked Condensate Drain Line

The outdoor component of your air conditioner is known as the condenser. Inspect the unit to see if the drip pan is full or overflowing. Debris, dirt, sludge or mold will eventually cause water to accumulate within the air vent, leaving you with a clogged condensate drain line. Unclog it using a wet/dry vacuum on the condensate line.

Lack of Insulation

Go to your attic and locate the ducts, remove the grate from your air vents, and inspect them. You are looking for insulation batts wrapped around the vent component in the ceiling space or joist. If there are none, use R-11 or R-13 fiberglass batts and wrap them around the problem duct boot.

Need Professional Help for Fixing Your A/C Unit?

contact a professional HVAC company

If there are still leaks or changing the air filter did not help, contact Quinnair today to repair your air conditioner. We are a local HVAC company in Colorado you can trust.

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