Insulating a Water Heater Tank

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Insulating Your Water Heater for Improved Efficiency

Just like insulating any other part of your house, like the attic, the roof, or the walls, insulating your water heater tank is a simple and affordable measure to improve energy efficiency and save you money throughout the year.

Modern water heaters usually come already insulated. If your tank is an older version, inspect it to see if it has insulation with an R-value of at least 24. If not, here is how to insulate your water heater tank:

Before you start, make sure your water heater does not have leaks and is turned off. If your tank does, you need a new water heater.


  • how to insulate your water heater tankBlanket (sometimes utility companies offer water heater insulating blankets at low prices or offer rebates)
  • Tape measure, marker, and scissors
  • Water heater insulating blanket, and electrical tape.

Prepare the Blanket

Cut the blanket to fit the height of the tank. Leave the top of the appliance open. Next, cover the tank with the blanket and temporarily tape it in place. Then, to avoid blocking the control panel, mark the area where it is located and cut out the blanket. Adapt the insulation blanket by cutting it according to the type of water heater, which means leaving electrical panels or valves and pipes on gas water heaters exposed.

Tape the Insulation Blanket

An electrical panel can be insulated on the sides and the top. Make sure you do not cover the heating-element access panels or the valves on a gas water heater. For the second one, you can wrap it all the way around and from the top to just below the controller.

Now that your water heater is properly insulated, you can turn it on!

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