The Importance Of A Perfect Indoor Air Quality

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Perfect indoor air quality is critical for maintaining the health of your family. Advanced air purifiers can easily be installed in your property’s pre-existing or new mechanical system. Although we know that outdoor air pollution is harmful, most of us often forget that indoor air can be polluted as well. Air purifiers are highly-effective devices that greatly improve the air quality of your house, and create an environment that’s comfortable for you and your family to live in.

In case, someone from your family is suffering from asthma, allergies, dry skin, frequent colds, or nose bleeds, we QUINNAIR Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. advise you to get air filtration systems installed in your property.

Options to Purify Your Home’s Interior Air

After conducting some basic research on these air purifying systems, you will notice that there are several air filter types available in the market. Here is a list of the five standard types:

  • UV technology
  • Negative Ion
  • HEPA Technology
  • Activated Carbon Technology
  • ozone 

Particles like dander, dust, pollen, and spores present in the air can be reduced by installing a whole-house filtration system that works collectively with a furnace filter, in turn, improving indoor air quality.

Benefits of Indoor Air Quality

improve the quality of air

A home air purifier can easily protect your family’s health.

Several benefits are associated with improving indoor air quality, including:

  • Creating healthier and cleaner indoor air results in enhanced comfort levels of your house.
  • Pollen, bacteria, mold spores can result in members of your family getting sick. However, air filters effectively remove up to 99% of all pollutants by recycling the air several times a day.
  • The airborne allergens released by pets are also trapped by whole-house systems. These air filters combat fur, pet dander, and other allergens that are released.
  • These devices prevent allergens from settling in your house.
  • Dust will slowly start accumulating on surfaces, nooks, and crannies regardless of how much you clean your house. However, high-quality air filters are efficient at trapping dust. This reduces the chances of allergies. Besides, you also have less cleaning to do.
  • Air purifiers can also neutralize smoke. In case you love lighting a fire on cold winters, or if someone in your family smokes, it can leave a dingy smell in the indoor areas. Air filters help combat this smoke by preventing it from settling on your upholstery.
  • Air purifiers also help in removing all unpleasant odors and cooking aromas from your house.

 Make the Right Air Filter Choice

Installing an air purifier has many benefits. But since there are many different air filter types, it’s crucial to gather as much information as possible and understand what their characteristics and pros and cons are. Consult air conditioning experts that handle air purifier installations. They would be able to provide you detailed information about the different types of products available on the market and will guide your choices.

For any additional information on our indoor air quality solutions, feel free to contact QUINNAIR Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. at (720) 836-1907. You can also send us your queries through this Online Form.

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