How Springtime Affects Indoor Air Quality

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Factors that Affect Indoor Air Quality 

Springtime brings new joy and beautiful flowers to our gardens. Along with the warmer temperatures and blooming flowers, allergens start to enter your house. Here are the main factors that will impact the air quality inside your home and how to address the problem. 


Pollen is a fine powder produced by flowers, grasses, trees, and weeds. In spring, many plants release pollen which is the number one cause of seasonal allergies. Find out with your preferred weather station for local pollen alerts, and take the necessary measurements. When the pollen is high, avoid opening your windows to prevent allergy episodes. 

You may also want to consider upgrading your HVAC filter to a HEPA filter if you haven’t switched yet. These filters trap a considerable number of particles in the air that traditional air filters can miss, creating a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your family. 

indoor air qualityHumidity 

Springtime also brings plenty of rain showers to Colorado, and with these showers come excess moisture in the air and susceptibility to leaks in the home from storms or heavy rains. Seal or repair any cracks or gaps on your foundation or roof to prevent water intrusion. Stagnant water in your home will encourage mold growth, which will negatively affect the quality of the indoor air. 


It is prevalent for the dust to settle into vents, registers, and eventually ductwork, due to improper ventilation during the colder months. So, take advantage of warm days to clean your home vents and registers regularly. Also, have your ductwork inspected by professionals who can help seal and clean the ducts to prevent these irritating factors from polluting the air you breathe. Don’t forget to clean your house regularly to eliminate foreign particles that may contribute to your allergies. 

If springtime allergens are making you miserable indoors, contact Quinnair in Colorado for help. Our indoor air quality specialists recommend the best HVAC solutions for your needs.

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